09 maart, 2014

less inspiration more self-creation

SPRING FEVER. Today was a beautiful day, also a beautiful day for inspiration!
I bought this notebook at the Hema and edit it a little with white fineliner.
My hippie sunglasses are from the C&A. I'm totally in love with the most round sunglasses!

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28 februari, 2014

a day at the beach


A day at the beach with my mom. It was nice to see the sea again, to take a deep breathe and getting drunk of the wild air.
Your hair in de wind and sand in your shoes. After our sea-walk we went to a little restaurant and we ate a delicious salad.
I love these days like this, knowing that you don't have to do anything, just enjoy the moments and forget the time because you're having fun.

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20 februari, 2014

sunset on the edge of darkness

It was an assignment for school. I had to make a banner for my designed valentine cards
(Everything is love was our theme this period). A banner is an online advertisement, in most of the cases, animated.
After my brainstormsession I decided to do something different.
Actually I had to draw the banner but because photography is
a huge passion I ask my teacher for making a gif animation with self-made pictures.
He accepted my idea! My dear brother helped me a lot to be a model for a while.
It was by change but since time the sunset was so beautiful.
Shoot me, I don't know how I ever can show you my whole animation... coding isn't yet my strong point.

02 februari, 2014

spending an easy sunday at home

wiehoeee, finally time for blogging. It's a while ago. Again. I made these pictures today and wear my favorite sweater
from the New Yorker. I bought it two years ago but it's still my favorite.
Oh, and look to the beautiful 'vintage' map, bought at urban outfitters!
It's sunday so it's bed-day with inspiration moments at tumblr, pinterest, instagram, magazines ect. with a lot of tea of course.
YES, the best day, that day in the end of the week, or maybe just the beginning of the week.

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02 december, 2013


Finally, a brand new outfit post. These pictures are made by a very good friend! I wear my sheep coat from the WE
and it's the most perfect coat I've bought for these cold days.
My beanie is from the h&m and my little black booties are from an
unknown store, yes I know, I'm oblivious… but I got them for only €30,- in Utrecht! :)

Time flies, it's already December! A cosy, special month with dear people around you, I think.
Do you have plans for this month?

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