24 juni, 2014


Dress - Primark, Bag - Vintage, Glasses - C&A, Sandals - Primark

This is a really really cheap outfit.

These photos are taken by a friend Carlijn! She takes amazing pictures.
You can find some work of her HERE!

20 juni, 2014


Yes, I'm so so soooo happy. For school I had to design my own online portfolio and it's finally finished.
Film, graphic design, photography ect. can been seen on my site. It's my first website so some 
things are not quite perfect but... just take a look! ONLINE PORTFOLIO

Of course I will keep posting on yourflirtylook. 

I'm more active on instagram ---> MY INSTAGRAM

09 maart, 2014

less inspiration more self-creation

SPRING FEVER. Today was a beautiful day, also a beautiful day for inspiration!
I bought this notebook at the Hema and edit it a little with white fineliner.
My hippie sunglasses are from the C&A. I'm totally in love with the most round sunglasses!

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28 februari, 2014

a day at the beach


A day at the beach with my mom. It was nice to see the sea again, to take a deep breathe and getting drunk of the wild air.
Your hair in de wind and sand in your shoes. After our sea-walk we went to a little restaurant and we ate a delicious salad.
I love these days like this, knowing that you don't have to do anything, just enjoy the moments and forget the time because you're having fun.

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20 februari, 2014

sunset on the edge of darkness

It was an assignment for school. I had to make a banner for my designed valentine cards
(Everything is love was our theme this period). A banner is an online advertisement, in most of the cases, animated.
After my brainstormsession I decided to do something different.
Actually I had to draw the banner but because photography is
a huge passion I ask my teacher for making a gif animation with self-made pictures.
He accepted my idea! My dear brother helped me a lot to be a model for a while.
It was by change but since time the sunset was so beautiful.
Shoot me, I don't know how I ever can show you my whole animation... coding isn't yet my strong point.